This Affordable Casio Fishing Watch Will Reel You In

The watch: The Casio Pro-Trek PRT-B70 series The single best thing about this watch: There’s something fishy about it. The backstory: Casio cooked up the ultimate buddy for a burgeoning fisherman: this watch tracks the best time to reel ‘em in—and even calculates the probability of catching something based on your time and location. And … Read more

These Watches Aren’t Afraid of the Dark

And Rolex wasn’t the only radioactive brand During WWI, female factory employees painting dials of clocks and watches with radium were told the glow-in-the-dark paint was safe—and were instructed to get their paint brushes to a point by licking them. In doing so they ingested deadly amounts of the material—with some even painting their nails … Read more

The Best Watches for Men on Amazon: 25 Stylish Watches to Buy Right Now

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Pharrell Wears a Million-Dollar Watch Made by None Other Than…Pharrell

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How Richard Mille Made a $250,000 Watch Ubiquitous

Richard Mille watches used to be considered an insider’s secret in the horology world—so scarce, in fact, that they were often described as “the secret billionaire’s handshake” on account of their six-to-seven-digit price tags. Fast-forward to 2021, and the very thing that once made the watch so rare—the eye-popping price—has contributed to its becoming a … Read more

The Best Celebrity Watches from Self-Isolation

It’s going to take more than a shelter-in-place order to keep watch obsessives away from their wristwear. In March, a RolexForum user asked the group if they were still wearing their watches in quarantine. The answers spilled in: “Of course.” “Absolutely.” “Yup, everyday.” And: “Why wouldn’t you want to wear it at home?” Celebrities, too, … Read more