Nike Air Max 97 shoes – Expert review

Today iam going to talk about Nike air max 97. Earlier, we have also reviewed other air max shoes like nike air max 270, air max 720 and many other. You can go and read their review also. In this, I will give you the full review of these shoes like it’s material, colour, styling, comfort and many other.

1. Styling and colour

Firstly, these shoes are really very beautiful. Nike Air Max 97 is really an sneaker with the design of 90’s essential, these are really super cool shoes. The colour of these shoes are white with a grey texture on it. We get a air unit in the place of outsole just like any other air max series shoes of nike.

Overall the styling of these shoes are excellent. These got some unique design, which is really attractive.

2. FIT

The very important part of shoes are fit. When you buy some shoes which are awesome in look and price is also so high. But, if those are not comfortably fit to you, then it is no matter, how cool the shoes are, or how much money did spent on those shoes.

So, the fit of the shoes does matter alot. Let’s talk about the fit of these shoes. These shoes will absolutely fit to your feet. I mean, if you ordered the shoes according to your feet size. Then, they will definitely fit to your feet without any issues.

3. Comfort

When we talk about the comfort, these feels really comfortable. We have a big air unit in the place of the outsole. This air unit make you feel like you walking in air. You’ll definitely have a different feel, while walk, wearing these shoes.

I can’t either say that these shoes are very comfortable or these are uncomfortable. I can only say is, they are moderate when it comes to comfort. One of the holes in this air, which is used to supply the air through out the unit, is a little bit bigger. So, these shoes are average in comfort.

4. Material quality

The another factor we should take into consideration while buying any product is, it’s material quality. Especially, when you are buying anything which costs a lot like nike air max 97. These are not cheap. They are very costly, you can get these shoes anywhere between 170 – 180$. So, these are really costly.

The outer material of these shoes looks very premium. It feels very good while you these shoes. On touch, you can calculate it’s quality. These shoes are neatly stitched. Looks very premium and also feels very premium. The material is not a real leather or not any other. But, all I can say is, these are really amazing.

Overall review

These shoes looks amazing and can match every outfit you wear. These shoes definitely make you look beautiful on any clothes. The materials used in this shoes are very premium and high materials. Comfort of these are also vey good. At the price range of 180$, these can be a good choice to go for. There are no other issues you’ll face in this shoes. Finally, Nike Air Max 97 are very good shoes with an unique and interesting design and the colour of these shoes are also makes these shoes look pretty.

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