Nike Air Max 720 – Expert review

Today, in this article, i will review another best shoes by nike, they are non other than nike air max 720. We have reviewed nike Air Max 270 sneakers earlier and you can go and read the review of that sneakers.

There are many sneakers are available in nike with different designs, colours, models, e.c.t., that’s why, it becomes a hard situation for anyone, who wants to buy shoes from nike. But today, iam will make you clear about nike air max 720.

nike air max 720 – Full review


  • They have a unique look and design.
  • It has a air unit in the place of outsole.
  • The insoles can be easily removed.
  • They are stable while walking.
  • These shoes makes you a bit taller.
  • The tongue of this shoes doesn’t fall to one side like others.
  • Feels very good while walking because of the air units.
  • The upper material looks and feels very premium.


  • You feel like they slide on wet floors.
  • They are not light weight.
  • They don’t fit your foot properly.
  • The air unit can be punctured. Although, there very less of poping of air unit, still comes under con.
  • The outsoles of the shoes are big.
  • The insoles of the shoes are thicker.
  • Doesn’t fit according to the foot size properly.

Detailed explanation of pros and cons

Nike air max 720 was a creative innovation of nike. These shoes looks very unique and a cool design. The attractive part of these shoes is, the bottom sole or the outsole of the shoes. This is special because, when you look at any other shoes, you’ll find a rubber or a sole made of some material. But, in nike air max 720, you’ll get a air unit in the place of the outsoles, this feels great while you walk.

I know the one thing you are worried about and that is, are they stable while walking?

Nike Air Max 720 full review

The answer is, they are amazingly stable. You can walk and run with them very easily and comfortably.

The another pro is, the upper material of these shoes. The upper material of this shoes looks very premium and they are very better than any other shoes in the market.

The one thing in shoes, that many of you don’t like is the tongue of the shoes. That is because, when you wear a shoe, the tongue of the shoes falls one side and that feels very uncomfortable while you walking.

Whereas, in nike air max 720 shoes, the tongue of the shoes will not be falling onto one side. They will be very stable and this is also a good advantage of this shoes.

The one Pro thing that I personally liked is that, it makes look taller. The length of air unit makes look, above inch and half. So, that’s a good thing if you are short in height.

The other good thing of this shoes are, while you walk using them, you feel like you are walking on the air and that feel really good.

These are the pros of the nike Air Max 720. Let’s see some of the cons of this shoes.


The primary con of this shoes are, they do going to feel slide a little bit. So, when you go out and walk here and there on a wet floor, you should take care.

Next con is that, they are not fit. I think are not the true size that select, while you buy them through any of the online shopping websites. So, you should be careful while selecting the size of these.

The other thing is you can also feel some pain on your toes, when you wear these shoes for a long time. The toe cap of these shoes haves comparatively less space with other shoes. So, this one can be another con of these shoes.

The other con of this shoes are, the insoles. You can easily remove insole, but when wear socks, you feel some discomfort, because the insoles are thick.

The another con of these shoes are, the outsole or the big air units of the shoes. It is very annoying when walk wearing these shoes, because when you walk, the air units will touches the objects.

I mean, when you walk, the air units gets wider and gets contact with other air unit of your own other shoe. So, this feels annoying while you walk or run.

The air unit of this shoes can be a con. They don’t pop usually. But, there is a little chance of poping of the air unit or bubble.

My opinion

In my opinion, if you are a person who is short in height and want to appear a bit long and if want a good cushioning effect and looking for a shoes which looks attractive and premium. Then you can go with nike air max 720. You definitely gonna satisfied by them.


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