Nike air max 270 – Experts Review

In this article, i will write a detailed review on nike air max 270 Sneakers. These shoes are there in market from a much more time earlier and it was very successful and brought a huge sales for the company nike.

Let’s talk a little bit about the shoe brand NIKE. nike is one of the famous and popular brand in the world. Many people buys shoes and many accessories from the brand nike. This brand not only produces shoes. But also, slippers, Sneakers, and many other footwears.

Let’s get into the review of nike air max 270.

Nike air max 270 Sneakers – Full review and features

Nike air max 270 is the first model, that features a lifestyle of air unit and that’s right you did hear that correctly. this is actually the very first air unit ever that was created just for lifestyle and I think that, that is kind of a big step forward for Nike. because, usually they focused mostly on performance first and then lifestyle is just kind of like a subset of the performance population.

The clean overall lines of the nike air max 270 sneaker accented by aggressive sharp attracts all towards them. The outer material is made of synthetic.

So, the outer material of this shoes will pretty hard and can able with-stand even after using them rough and tough and also has a dual layered mesh from the toe box.

In the mid foot you’ve got the soft black mesh with the large openings similar to what you find on basketball shorts underneath that layer, you’ve got a much tighter mesh.

For more containment of your foot around the tip of the toe and the arch of the foot, you’ve got some black views overlay for added durability and of course your black mini Nike swoosh rounding off the toe on the lateral side.

Moving back on the shoe, even though from a distance this does look like, it has a separate tongue. But, It’s actually a one-piece construction.

The black oval laces, everyone thinks these nylon bands are attached to the mesh underneath the laces on, I guess technically the tongue, you’ve got black padded nylon and at the top of the tongue, you’ve got the black Nike swoosh and then the air 270 logo. which is actually kind of an interesting logo. because, it looks like it fades into each other.


Inside the shoe, you don’t have much, in the way of padding around the upper. you do have some padding around the heel, which helps lock down. but when it comes to the rest of the upper, it’s kind of just straight mesh on your foot.

Where we can use these sneakers

So don’t go running marathons. in this thing, you can probably wear it to the gym, you can probably run on the treadmill for a bit. but it’s not really for anything to performance heavy rounding off the inside of the shoe.

How comfortable are nike air max 270 sneakers actually?

The nike air max 270 have the black comfortable insole, which I really like the heel of the insole, it has air max branding in blue.

As for fit, I’d say this shoe fits according to your foot size. it definitely seems to run a little bit narrow. so if you have wider feet maybe go up half a size.

I was really happy with the way it fits your decides, but because the shoe is a one-piece construction, I think it’s important to get your right size. Because you can’t really adjust the tongue for fit.

Other details of nike air max 270

Nike Air Max 270 full review
Nike Air Max 270 shoe review

In the mid foot, you get a larger Nike swoosh and then running from mid-foot at the heel of the shoe, there is a black nylon panel on the heel of the shoe this nylon panel has the air logo surrounded by this plush or I guess bubbly feeling material.

That’s obviously supposed to represent the air unit, which i think is actually kind of a cool touch moving down the street. you can see a super glossy semi translucent heel cup on those particular colorway.

The heel cup starts with black, it sort of fades into the same blue that you have in the air unit and rounding off the heel cup. you’ve got 270 embossed into the back of it at first glance. it kind of looks like the heel cup and the air unit or one piece, but when you actually touch the shoe you can feel the difference in material, the heel cup is obviously very stiff for support and the air unit is obviously very soft to allow for some springiness that sort of faded color transition though, does look really good.

The midsole is by far the best part of this shoe the most eye-catching feature of the Nike Air Max 270 is, it’s just 270 degree visible air. apparently, this is a tallest air unit they’ve ever put in the back of an Air Max.

I think, it’s something like an inch or an inch and a quarter tall, which is actually pretty insane. it’s actually really soft and really flexible too. so, when you stand on your heel or come down on a heel strike you really feel how cushioned it is and guys, it genuinely does feel really great it’s kind of interesting though when you look at the bottom of the shoe.

The air unit is actually only on the outside of the heel you definitely feel that when it’s on foot. but it doesn’t feel bad it feels more like it’s cupping your heel. which I really like, if I had to compare the feel of this air unit to something on the market I guess I’d have to go with the vapor max.

If the vapor max had a little bit more air in the heel and you were just standing on the heel of the shoe and to be honest I kind of liked the feel of the shoe better than the vapor max.

These has some kind of problems with the way the vapor max fit on my foot. but, this doesn’t feel bad at all even though this heel unit is to stand out feature of the shoe. I think, it’s important to note that the rest of the midsole actually feels really good as well and that’s due to the fact that Nike used dual density foam in the midsole.

So, even though there’s no air in the toe or in the mid foot you still get this really soft and really comfortable ride. I mean, honestly the midsole of the shoe really feels great not to bash the upper, because it definitely doesn’t feel bad it just doesn’t feel like anything special.

Finally, moving to the bottom of the shoe, you’ve got a black and blue outsole. the air unit ofcourse has reinforced rubber on the bottom to increase durability and then you can tell where nike utilized the two different foams by the matte and glossy texture difference.

Overall, for 150 bucks the Air Max 270 is not a bad sneaker. The air unit and the midsole cushioning are by far the best features of this shoe the comfort underfoot is really nice and something I really enjoyed.

However, the upper and the overall aesthetics of the shoe while not bad and not really any special. I guess visually for me it’s just the fact that the upper is all one color and it’s kind of plain I definitely like the crazy white and blue version that’s dropping on airmax a lot more.

I mean with that being said though it is actually a really nice sneaker and if you are looking to pick up a pair, I don’t think you’re really going to go wrong.



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