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Your canvas shoes still have to save, white canvas shoes old as new magic

Canvas shoes as a wild artifact, wearing comfortable, almost every person will have such a pair. Every summer wearing a pair of beautiful white canvas shoes let us look pure and pleasant, but the white canvas shoes are very easy to dirty. For those who like canvas shoes, cleaning it does take a lot of time and energy, quite trouble and headaches! discount nike shoes For how to clean the white canvas shoes, white canvas shoes suggest that you do not wear too long to take cleaning, 2-3 days to clean once. Otherwise some of the stain will be stubborn down, it is difficult to clean. Clear time to put the bleach in the basin of detergent soaked 1 hour or so, and then come out to clean, pay attention to both inside and outside to be washed. After washing should also pay attention to rinse with water. Finally, paste the white toilet paper can be dried. With pure white toothpaste brush shoes. For some of the bottom of the upper part nike factory outlet of some yellow shoes first shoes and shoelaces apart, first with soap and water after cleaning once, the white toothpaste coated in difficult to clean place (must use white toothpaste), and then use the old toothbrush Or a small brush evenly brushing (yellow place can wipe a little). Finally wrapped in white toilet paper can be dry.

The third kind:

For the more serious canvas shoes, it is necessary to nike nike store air max prepare some of the material myself!

1. prepare baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, water, a small bowl. Old toothbrush The first step to scrub clean white shoes,

2. a spoonful of baking soda, half a teaspoon of hydrogen and then a small bowl of them into a paste, evenly applied to the upper, you can let the paste into it! And then gently coated on the outside layer.

3. put the shoes into the sun exposure 3-4 hours, until the paste dry thoroughly, peeling off. The sun will make it drift effect, the stronger the better sunshine. Get rid of the powder after the kill, the shoes can be clean brush! So that the shoes will be as old as new, just like a new!