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Home / News > Workplace interview or work, girls should wear what shoes?

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Workplace interview or work, girls should wear what shoes?

Recently busy looking for internships, but usually wear a small white shoes, but she had a headache, what shoes to wear to interview it? She came to Xiao Bian help, this is not good at small series? Do you have such trouble? Workplace interview or work to wear shoes can be a lot, you have to know Oh Many girls cheap nikes will choose the original dress shoes to interview, but that inevitably some old-fashioned, lost personal characteristics, small shoes Yes, but the classic classic shoes is the right choice Oh Here Xiaobian have to remind you, whether it is an interview or work, can not wear a cool mop, too casual, nike running shoes no formal feeling, inevitably make people feel that your attitude is not correct Oh, do not make such a choice Oh Fine high-heeled shoes is not the right choice Oh, high heels though good-looking, but wear too tired, but also easy Wei feet, if accidentally slipped, it may be no image, this is not self-defeating What? So ah flat or low with the shoes is a better choice Oh, shallow mouth or bag back can be, some metal metal buckle decoration will be very texture it, give you the spirit of the workplace OL, there will be a nike running shoes good The performance of Oh.

Leather buckle shoes. Very classic leather shoes Oh, the preferred leather rash, soft leather is not grinding feet, shoes version of good-looking, with wide leg pants or suit pants are very nice, with light Mature gentle temperament Oh Full leather with female boots. This pair of shoes fabric really super bar Oh, the upper selection of the first layer of leather, delicate sheep hair, good care, but also very texture, inside the pig skin soft and comfortable, very fit, walking all black nike shoes not tired Oh All the leather shoes with the British shoes. Very fashionable shoes Oh, the collection of elements nowadays in one, the design of the strap is very delicate, pointed is the Western style, black upper has a handsome style, the overall style of the British Oh Retro square head Peas shoes. Flat shoes do not wear feet Oh, round head will not squeeze the toes it, solid color of the simple and elegant shoes, the word with a crossed buckle design is very fashionable Oh, with a retro quiet feeling.