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What is the material of sports shoes? Detailed process description of modern sports shoes

With the improvement of peoples living standards, peoples material and spiritual needs have just been met. The people whose needs are being met see health as Yu Yuzhong. People in modern life gradually put the sport on the agenda, and the trend is on the rise. Sports is no longer a patent for athletes. Everyone is an athlete. Everyone loves sports. A pair of good, suitable sports shoes are important for those who love sports.

The development of the modern footwear industry has triggered a revolution in materials and craftsmanship. The choice of materials is the key to making a good pair of shoes. In general, sports shoes are divided into three parts: outsole, midsole and nike free 5.0 upper. The selection of these three parts is different. In the material of the outsole is mainly various kinds of rubber. The most commonly used rubber. Stable performance, wear-resistant anti-skid. Commonly used in basketball shoes, all-around shoes. Contains 60% synthetic synthetic rubber and 40% natural rubber compressed to provide good abrasion resistance.

A large amount of sulfur is blended into rubber and hard rubber can be obtained after vulcanization.

Diene-based rubbers such as natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, and nitrile rubber can all be sulfur cured to produce hard rubber.

In addition, the sulfur-free hard rubber can nike shoes men be prepared by heating for a long time without using sulfur in the presence of sulfur-containing rubber under high temperature (200-300 C.), high pressure, and no oxygen.

Hard rubber is a black, hard, horny substance at room temperature, has good chemical stability, is not susceptible to aging at room temperature, has excellent chemical and corrosive resistance to organic solvents, low water absorption, high tensile strength Strength and breaking strength, and has excellent electrical insulation properties. The main disadvantage of hard rubber air max is that it is brittle, the product is easily broken when impacted, and it is unsightly in daylight or UV color, and it is also limited in use.

Hard rubber can be used for the manufacture of electrical insulation products. It is currently used mainly in chemical corrosion-resistant tanks, pipes, pump linings, battery casings and pens. Films made of microporous hard rubber are used extensively in batteries as separators for positive and negative electrodes. Hard rubber also has special vocal performance, can be made of musical instruments and clarinet. Hard rubber and metal bond strength is better, so commonly used as a bonding adhesive layer for bonding soft rubber and metal, manufacturing rubber roller, light load solid tire and chemical lining and other products.

Polyurethanes change the style of clothing and play a role in our lives. Its representative product is a spandex elastic fiber that is comfortable, soft, flexible and flexible. In addition to puffs, pantyhose, and socks that are used for women's makeup, they are also used in ski wear, bathing suits, etc., and their amazing extensibility is utilized to the utmost. Polyurethane coatings have been selected for their excellent wear resistance and weather resistance in sports products such as skiing and yachting. The rigid foam, which is lightweight and rich in abrasion resistance, is used as a core material for skis, surfboards, etc. Polyurethane elastomers having excellent elasticity and wear resistance are used as the soles of sports shoes. In terms of household products, polyurethane applications show its comfort. Polyurethane coating provides a beautiful sheen on the surface of furniture, pianos, and other musical instruments, and plays a solid protective role. Soft foam is used as the most commonly used cushion material and health cover for dispersing body pressure. In kitchen supplies, rigid foam is used for heat insulation materials such as refrigerators. Polyurethane resins with good adhesion to plastic films are used as adhesives for food packaging. There are also applications for sealers, diapers, and sanitary products for water purifiers. Polyurethane elastomers that are harmless to the human body are also expanding in their use. In addition, in our lives, polyurethane artificial leather, synthetic leather, foams, etc. are made into bags and shoes, etc., which are highly praised nike shop for their natural style and durability.