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What are the hazards of hole shoes?

When summer arrived, the girls loved a variety of colorful shoes, especially when it nike shoes for sale was raining, they put on shoes to go out, go home and wash their feet and rush to the shoes, which is very convenient. However, many experts recently pointed out that hole shoes are actually harmful.

Hole shoes disease hazard

First, Dr. Hilary Brunner, spokesperson for the American Academy of Podiatrists and New York City foot surgery specialist, said that because of the structure and material of the hole shoes, water is easy to accumulate, and moisture is not easily absorbed and evaporated by the shoes. The shoe hole can only help the foot breathable, and the most need for breathable and dry feet is not protected Therefore, often wear will cause the foot to be moist and warm, providing a breeding ground for fungi. Especially in the market, dozens of dollars of holes and shoes, mostly plastic materials, breathability and even not as good as ordinary shoes. Adhesive shoes glue and shoe dyes may contain harmful chemicals, have a certain irritation to the skin, and plastic permeability is worse, sweat can not evaporate as soon as possible, it may induce contact dermatitis.

Second, hole shoes material is easy to cause cancer. Recently, scientists have discovered that a large amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are found in plastic hole shoes. This substance can cause cancer. Three non-product holes also contain a lot of heavy metals, which are very bad for the body.

Third, the skin is exposed to sunlight and accelerated skin aging. Hole nike trainers shoes increase skin and sunlight exposure. Exposure to UV rays for a long time can accelerate the aging process of the skin and may lead to dermatitis.

How to wear hole shoes

Experts point out that the reason for choosing hole shoes is based on people's outdoor activities. Feet and shoes will occasionally produce a certain distance, and air will flow in the feet and holes to reach the effect of breathability. It is even more important to know that hole shoes all black nike shoes are suitable for outdoor wear, but not for barefoot wear. In order to prevent toenail fungal infections and athlete's foot, Dr. Brunner recommends the following simple measures:

1. Don't wear it naked. When wearing hole shoes, it is best to wear double cotton socks, which can absorb sweat, antibacterial and anti-beriberi.

2, light salt water feet. After wearing outdoor shoes, you can use light salt water to help prevent fungal infections. About 100 grams of salt was added to 3,8 liters of warm water and the feet were allowed to soak for 10-15 minutes.

3, rain can not wear. If you go out in the event of rain or mud on the ground, it is best to wear a shoe with a heel and no holes to prevent mud and moisture from entering the shoes and causing fungal infections.

4. Seek medical attention if necessary. If the foot becomes odor, suspected to be caused by a fungal infection, use tea to soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes, add 6 tea bags and add water to boil, and allow your feet to warm to the end of the day. If symptoms do not improve, seek medical attention.

Cave shoes wear considerations

Consumers can try to buy plastic shoes with manufacturer's logos in big shopping malls. Secondly, choose smooth-edged plastic shoes. Avoid plastic shoes that are too sharp and lead to blisters in the feet. Finally, damage is caused by allergies.

Hole shoes are essentially plastic shoes, but due to the structure and material of the hole shoes, it is easy to collect water, and the moisture is not easily absorbed and volatilized by the shoes. The shoe holes above it can only help the foot to breathe, and most need ventilation. And dry feet, but not protected. In the summer, the human foot is prone to sweating. With the evaporation of sweat, holes in the shoes will be placed on the feet. Often worn will cause the feet to be moist and warm, providing a breeding ground for lebron 14 the fungus and may cause athlete's foot and other skin diseases.