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Wear boots look short and fat? Because you can not pick

Winter is coming, girls boots indispensable is the boot. In recent years the major female stars nike store in the airport look, appear a lot of long-sleeved sweater and boots with, it looks like the whole person thin and tall. So the little fairies have to follow suit, pick a pair of eyes in Taobao pick their own satisfaction, the results put on and found himself short and fat, there is no beauty, and some boots will drop tube, but let the legs look more sturdy. In fact, not you can not achieve thin and beautiful visual effects, but you pick the wrong boots. First of all, to talk about the popular Chelsea boots in recent years, in fact, this is a more difficult to control, because most of them are flat with a beautiful leg line for the sister, the legendary long and straight, the minimum standard Is the calf straight. But there is no suitable for "imperfect" leg type boots it? Of course not, if your leg is not long enough, then the first element of selection is high-heeled, do not have to hate the height of 10 cm, 5,6 cm can be, but visually can grow a large section; secondly , Kittens are more flavorful than rough ones, because winter clothes are thick and thick, and if you choose thick shoes, they make you look clumsy.

The last is the boots to be fine, many people do not pay attention to this point, the best choice in the selection of boots, bare boots, that is, no boots, or boots shorter, because the ankle can be exposed, it is the smallest of the human leg The place also increases the length of the exposed legs, visually lengthening the length of the legs, according to the theorem that "the more legs the legs appear to look longer". Compared to shorter boots, boots is still relatively easy to hold live, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of style, or else it is easy to hit the money. Thin legs and thicker thighs wear boots more advantages, because the boots were generally inverted A shape, the overall visual nike shoes on sale effects in the calf part, but will set off the thigh finer; if your calf is relatively thick, in the Choose to try to choose a little more relaxed tube plus a little with the.

Knee boots are hot in recent years, because of modification and masking of the leg type is good. Proposed small fairies in the choice of time to avoid the leather fabric, because sometimes the gas is not enough to prop up leather gas field, choose anti-velvet will be more reduced age. There is also a big worry over the knee boots is afraid of dropped tube, in order to solve this troubles, socks turned out, not only retained the knee boots a little more, just cover the legs, walk no longer have to worry nike factory outlet about. There are winter snow boots can not be less, snow boots have been selected by the boys as "ugly" on behalf of, but the winter does not wear will be very cold, lily lily to solve your troubles. Abandon new nike shoes your general impression of snow boots, neither bloated and lightweight to wear snow boots here. The suede cowhide vamp, coffee color or black are very wild, thick hair inside the shoes look warm, cold feet are no longer afraid of the winter. Rubber sole deepened the texture, more non-slip wear.

And boots with the best is the Leggings, and if wearing short boots, it is recommended to choose this flesh-colored "light leg artifact" to better highlight the legs, and above the snow boots is a good partner. Thick suede lining, with hairy boots, no longer feel cold. If you wear boots, you need to select a little thinner leggings, because the length of their boots is long enough and the inside plus suede, if the leggings are thick not only not easy to wear, friction, and It looks bloated.