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The body is the capital of the revolution, the shoes are wearing the embellishment

So, what kind of shoes are dry and can cover indecent parts, will not reduce the grid? That is the Peas shoes, and this old drivers said: driving shoes. Because the light and comfortable, in the old drivers who do not move the horse when the horse is not affected. As the classic summer, Peas shoes always loop as scheduled. Fashion trends, do not seem to affect the Peas shoes, because every year it has its share. Lightweight, breathable, rich colors, is the biggest feature of Peas shoes. Able to match jeans, casual pants, all kinds of shorts, summer preferred to go out. If it is a formal occasion, you can also put on brown or black leather section. Go out shopping dating can also put on a strange pattern design style, the crowd is your most handsome and most lovely shoes. In the choice of Peas shoes, the best than this leather Peas shoes, casual and formal occasions are at ease. Carved flowers reflect the details of the craft, the two tassels knot more elegant and beautiful, to this pair of shoes to add a touch of bright spots, shoes are selected rubber soles, both slippery and wear resistance.

For many uncle (straight male), the summer means that the word drag. Under normal circumstances, shopping dating and the like, Mr. Wo is extremely opposed to put on the word drag. black and white nikes Especially in this classic king slippers, with such slippers you do not feel like a nineties unemployed vagrants do? But there are still many places, you need to use the word drag. For example, go to the beach hair, go to the pool for a whole day, you have to bring a double word drag. In addition, if the house at home all day, then there is no shoes more comfortable than the flip flop. Do not really think that the word like the above described as unbearable, all things are there are leaders, not to mention the word drag it Like those who have a tropical rain forest elements of the design of the word drag, not only has a style, but also allows you to quickly find their own on the beach. Style is simple and casual, generous low-key, word or TPR material (thermoplastic rubber material), not like the ordinary character drag that grinding feet, the material is relatively light, absolutely you become a major choice for the youngsters. If you mention comfort, there should be no shoes to go beyond sports shoes. This is also a lot of straight men can continue for the whole year to wear the same pair of shoes out of the reasons. Summer weekend, out of the waves when the amount of exercise is not small, to maintain the comfort of the feet is particularly important. A pair of classic sports shoes, enough to support a lot of weekend, if you like different colors, different brands, then you can prepare several more. With the pants on the time, but also more freedom. But if you want to choose to meet the summer fitness running shoes, style is different from the popular tide shoes, because for sports shoes, the performance is far greater than its appearance. But Mr. Coe is always in the choice of sports shoes, there are always difficult to choose, usually wear long shoes in nike sneakers the running function of a lot of consumption, it will automatically converted into daily shoes. How many years have only a woman's sandals, as if men wear sandals will be put on old-fashioned, casually and other words, in fact, but because the sandals are not ready to wear a man's feet. Nowadays, the diversification of fashion and change, a pair of nice sandals is definitely a must in the summer single product. In nike factory outlet recent years, giving the dirty impression of sandals has long been the darling of fashion circles. Today's men's sandals have long been away from the monotony of the past, a variety of styling any of nike free 5.0 your selection.

In the choice of sandals as much as possible to choose some soles design more sports style, after all, in the summer so hot weather, you do not want your feet walking on the road not only hot dead, but also because the soles of the design led to the rush into the mall And lead to fatigue it Wear more simple and convenient, naked shoes drag, non-slip, comfortable and durable, the upper strap so that you do not have to worry about shoes will really like slippers like thrown out.