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Suit with sports shoes, so wear more stylish

Speaking of suits people think of the shoes must be leather shoes. So casual full of flavor and formal sense of formal suits with the suit, if not a little fashion skill, most people in fact very difficult to HOLD live. Because sneakers and suits together, if once with unsuccessful, you feel like just finished doing exercise, it seems so grandiose and cheesy. Today, here to teach you the right kind of suit with five kinds of shoes to wear, so that your suit with sneakers look more vibrant and more harmonious. Suit with a variety of sports shoes match, with the shades is the most classic, but also the most secure kind. The most appropriate method of wear is a navy blue suit, Slim pants with white sports shoes, trousers pants can not be too wide, cheap nike air max it is best to be simple and tidy silhouette, pants narrowing style. Like leather shoes, the quality of sports shoes is just as important. Whether the material of the shoes is of high quality or not, the craftsmanship made with the details of the shoes are all the things that will enhance your overall taste.

Colors often play a role in the finishing touch, try different colors, you can match more styles and levels. Remember, suits, pants and sneakers do not use the same color, monotonous and non-hierarchical. If the suit is dark blue, it is best not to use the same color as sports shoes or to embellish the shoes with other colors or lace on the shoes. Ordinary suit with, because it is to wear leather shoes, the length of trousers are often required to be slightly longer, just to cover the shoes is the best. However, with the sports shoes, trousers, if it is still long enough to cover the shoes, then it looks like there will be cumbersome feeling. So, when the suit with sports shoes, we suggest that you can wear trousers and trousers so that the trousers and sports shoes a little distance between, so that your sneakers exposed. Or roll up trousers, giving a fresh and neat feeling. all black nike shoes Speaking of professional sports shoes here refers to soccer shoes, basketball shoes these kinds of sports shoes. Because these are too professional sports shoes gives the impression kobe shoes that too sporty style, and calm suit does not match. We speak of sports shoes with suits, just to cheap nike running shoes reduce the dull suit, add a relaxed feel for the suit shape. Therefore, the general casual shoes enough with a suit.