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Suede shoes dirty how to clean

Suede shoes, is more popular nowadays a kind of shoes, but suede shoes easily sticky dust sticky small hair, cleaning up some inconvenient. Then you know how to wash suede shoes. Let's understand together! Remove the dust on the suede shoes, available vacuum cleaner. Support the upper with a shoe support, wooden shoe bracket can change with the shape of the shoe. Use copper wire brush. Note that the copper surface is mainly treated with heavier grease and polished parts. First, use the rubber skin to brush down the texture slightly in cheap nikes one direction. Serious stains brush several times, then rubbed with copper. Wet the shoes with a wet sponge and wipe the shoes over. The main purpose is to remove water-soluble substances. Shake the detergent evenly on the surface of suede shoes. Use a rubber brush to remove stains on both sides of the fiber, then suck the dirty foam with a wet sponge. Drying more than 10 minutes, so fluff slightly dry, and some wet place with rubber facing the same brush, so fluff spread, dry faster. Half an hour after the shoe dry, the inside of the shoe stuffed some newspapers, these newspapers can play a protective role, cheap nike air max and then use more than ten centimeters above the shoes evenly spraying suede shoes surface.

After drying, brush down the brush with a rubber brush one time, so that the color is more uniform, the same color, after cleaning can put the desiccant collection up. However, it should be noted that the suede shoes can not touch the water and oil, this will increase the difficulty of care and cleaning, it is usually more time to use dry brush to brush fluff, to keep fluff neat and clean. On the suede shoes cleaning methods, in fact, suede shoes are generally not required to clean, because cleaning more or less will cause damage to the suede. So, nike free the most important thing is nike factory store usually the daily life of the maintenance of suede shoes oh!