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Spring beauty to help you steal the spotlight on the streets

Also to the season, this really should be bare boots, knee boots, snow boots, lockers, etc. next year, met the black and white nikes popular spring of this year, those American shoes? noob? slim high heel? NO! NO! NO! Together with Xiao Bian to see it. Bow is a fashion element never outdated, whether it is in clothes, bags, or shoes have different charm, it will be a woman's sweet, temperament, elegant are shown, nike clearance store there is nothing more than it is suitable for spring. Bright red full of festive feeling, is to meet the atmosphere of the New Year, round pointed beautiful fashion, coupled with contrasting bow design, elegant and elegant temperament, the first layer of leather bright and delicate color, coupled with the pig's inner lining Comfortable and breathable. Simple and elegant beige color, with any good dress with, toe type is very generous, bow embellishment add fashion, the material inside the pig's breathable perspiration, semicircular thick with comfortable not Tired.

For many girls, it can wear more often than most shoes, not so much to invest in a pair of high heels, which are less worn on weekdays, than to choose a pair of good-quality Carrefour shoes to be more practical. For the spring to choose shoes, the fashion of small incense Wind Love shoes is a good choice, this new single shoes traditional handmade production, use soft texture suede material body, combined with comfortable breathable inside, long time to wear to keep Dry footsteps, bow decorated with embellishment highlights the stylish temperament. Different from the one on a small fresh, this Carrefour shoes give people the feeling of movement, pierced design personality uninhibited, can help you earn enough attention, the first layer of leather soft and delicate material, thick flat can both increase and nike clearance comfort Not tired. White is a bit OUT this year, now popular dirty shoes, it symbolizes a kind of attitude to life, a street culture, so that after you wear is not only nike shoes for sale particularly cool, but also looks long legs. Small white shoes to do the old dirty, it looks is not very flavor, highlighting their own unique personality, the side also joined the five-pointed star collage, the back also made a contrast contrast, add a small dirty shoes Fashion sense. Shoes set white shoes, dirty shoes, daddy shoes in one, can be described as a collection of a variety of styles and characteristics, thick soles are both increased and uncomfortable, but full of design, a little retro taste.