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Simple and practical summer shoes with skills

How air max to match the shoes are MM are often encountered a headache problem, to find with the clothing with the shoes need some tips, but in fact very simple. First how to know how to take the shoes do not take it, look at a few small test:

When the mirror, whether to dress up part of the look is more prominent Whether the overall mix is ??a bit confused? Can the dress on the shoes with the crystal on the skirt with the shoes and clothes with too much? Are all seem very uncoordinated The If the above questions, your answer is "no", the only quick way is to change a pair of black and white nikes shoes, and then repeat the above questions.

Occasion and season

No matter how beautiful they are, how comfortable they are, how expensive they are to buy, if they do not match the environment, then at least a pair of wrong shoes. Flash evening shoes are not suitable for wearing in the office, high heels do not think fit to attend formal occasions. So how do you know that they are more suitable for what shoes to wear? In fact, the easiest way is to wear casual shoes or light shoes to attend casual occasions, the classic high heels can be used with a little pay all black nike shoes attention to a little dress. black nike shoes If you want insurance with nothing but boring. Then you can wear a popular style, but the color to a single, you can also wear a pair of belt buckle after the other decorative shoes. If you want to write more clearly stressed, you can match high heels and jeans together, or sandals matching equipment. Consider the occasion to attend during the day. If you go out to the park is a schedule, then there is no need to wear high heels all day long. If you want to choose to go to the office to wear or to attend formal occasions shoes. Shoes to meet the season, if it is spring, the easiest way to match is to choose the spring shoes. At home wearing a pair of brocade high heels with velvet evening dress suit than a pair of sandals look better. At the same time, suitable for winter wear suede boots are not suitable for thick coat with. Black shoes is really a versatile, but I believe that many people choose the real reason for the black is afraid to choose the color of the shoes and clothes color unworthy. Color shoes is a very good way to add color to the closet.