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Plate shoes, that is so much ah!

Tide men on the nike store streets, nike shop glanced at, or wear more shoes. why? Needless to say, board shoes, but a super stylish fashion items. What is board shoes? Plate shoes are flat shoes, because skateboarding people often wear such shoes, it is also known as skateboarding shoes. Speaking of shoes certainly can not be separated from the skateboarding, this since the world was born in the late 50s now extreme sports has become a cool handsome sports on the streets, it is an excellent way to tease sister, quite popular. Especially for the younger generation, they are very much sought after by the surfing movement on land. Sole to have a cushioning function, do not have to have air cushion, shoelace protection nike shox clearance design, to prevent abrasion, toe the most easy black nike shoes to wear, need very wear-resistant material, thick tongue, protect the ankle, there is a lot of stress, On the heel, shoes inside, all kinds of features, are for better sports results, and more comfortable skateboarding feeling. Now the board shoes are not limited to the skateboarding stage, style is more and more, of course, the purpose of the design or no change, the board is still a good choice for sports. What personality printing plate shoes, high to help plate shoes, camouflage plate shoes is also frequently into our field of vision, shoes in the fashion arena to vigorously play their own light.

The most pure match with the skateboard shoes at the time with the suit, loose T-shirt or large size clothing are also board shoes companion, it allows you to sway in the exercise of ease. Of course, the trend now how to mix the streets have, not only because of the shoes and shoes to wear, so dress out their own style.