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Matte leather waterproof matte leather shoes fade how to deal with

We all know that shoes are generally waterproof, then matte leather waterproof it? Known across the matte nike clearance shoes are poor waterproof sand mat, a rain and can not wear, but not all of the matte leather are not waterproof Oh. Ordinary matte leather is not waterproof, waterproof is generally treated by a special leather waterproofing agent. Frosted leather is a leather craft, the general front of the leather by mechanical grinding, etc., and then in the finishing process to achieve a real effect of the hazy leather. nike sale Waterproofing is generally handled by a special leather waterproofing agent shoes in general can not touch the water, especially nubuck shoes, after doing a circle of watermarks, can not afford to wash with water. Because the matte surface with water absorption, generally dip into the water with a towel to dry the water, put the window can be dried. If you touch the sewage or grease will be more troublesome, you need to use a toothbrush with abrasive brush cleaner to clean the process, remember not to rub the process. There are a lot of special waterproofing agent, but due to leather shoes are leather, can not just use ordinary waterproofing agent, so as not to damage the internal structure of leather. Sanding shoes waterproofing black nike shoes agent can choose a good wear sand mat waterproofing agent. This water-repellent agent can also waterproof the leather at the same time, can make the sprinkled water to produce the water-drop effect on the leather surface, long-lasting waterproof, does not change the leather's breathability and feel, with excellent three-prevention effect (waterproof, , Anti-fouling). Shake well when using spray gun directly spray, dry or dry the surface can be.

In the warranty period, please get the purchase of the shoe store, nike shoes on sale ask them to deal with. To professional nursing shoe shop, looking for professionals to deal with. First of all their own approach with a dry brush to brush the surface of the dust off the brush, brush clean, or after the color of the shoes will still look good, it is best not to touch the water; find a piece of shoe powder in accordance with the smooth flow of shoes smear open, Must be evenly coated with a thin layer; coated with a layer, with a dry cloth gently wipe the surface of the small particles, the shoe powder erase; repeat the above steps three times, so that shoes evenly colored, and then each Weekly treatment on it.