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Leading the fashionable canvas shoes, walking in the fashion front

September is already the summer tail, is the fall of the hair, is a very good time for the holiday season Oh, the pursuit of the fashion trend of the little beauty who have been ready for a handsome clothes ready to go out to enjoy the weekend Hey, then no What about a pair of comfortable shoes? Want to look young and comfortable and comfortable to be nikes on sale sure to choose a pair of canvas shoes Oh, no matter what dress can easily hold live Oh. Women's wardrobe is always simple and not simple, then the choice of shoes is the same style. Filled with small white shoes, how can you stand out from nike shop the crowd? Retro style of small white shoes is not only good with the clothes also let you have a "I have a story, you have wine," the chronological sense, it is suitable for wearing out to play Oh Fashion and comfort merger. Choose a low to help version of the type, revealing a thin ankle, in the visual there is a very strong effect Oh, the classic canvas shoes type, how to wear, but with how good with the right Oh

Leather material uppers, very texture Oh, the classic nike running shoes version of the small white shoes because of the different materials and widened it suitable for the scope of it, even if the interview is also able to wear this pair of small white shoes to Oh, not only beautiful But also with, it is important to wear really comfortable it. Many people say "see a woman's taste, look at her high heels on the right," then I want to say "look at a woman's attitude to life, to see her canvas shoes is enough" usually work to wear high heels is tired enough , Do not take advantage of the National Day holiday to let their feet relax. Very simple design, clean upper, comfortable rubber soles, breathable canvas uppers, very classic black and white design, with what are good to see Oh, you can also go out with her boyfriend abuse dog it. Retro feeling full of color canvas shoes Oh, feeling very suitable for wearing a pair of jeans white T-shirt to take pictures of the street, it is the feeling of street shooting, plus a little fight color design, it is attractive Oh, people feel shines, A little old to do the old material to add retro feeling Oh Who said to be short to wear high heels, it is necessary to leave a small white shoes, and obviously there is a good look to increase the small white shoes Well, it is important that this increase in shoes do air max not make people feel uncomfortable, but Very beautiful, looking very comfortable wearing more comfortable Oh.