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Is your shoes suitable for your wide leg pants?

Now wide leg pants is hot, and now wear both comfortable and refreshing, but also particularly suitable for short legs or thick legs of the fairy, cover ability is simply not it, but the little fairies you will not have this trouble, such as me What shoes should I wear? How to match If you wear the wrong, black nike shoes but also instantly become Ou Ba Sang Oh ... ... so wear wide leg pants, with what shoes to say goodbye? Waterproof desk heavy do not say! But also a direct impact on the human center of gravity, stupid lower body gives a feeling reminding us of scenes with a donut hoof out, is to go to the tomb do ... ... feet exposed more, the sense of extension will be better Oh, in simple terms is more Easy to appear legs long, and the package foot shoes, will put your feet wrapped, thus reducing the number of play space. A pair of sneakers, in fact, can be worn with a wide leg pants casual fashion sparks Oh, but try not to choose too much flower color, because it is difficult to ride, you can choose black, white shoes with wide leg pants Oh. Most of the nike shox little fairies in order to match the wide leg pants will choose high heels, if you like to show their domineering, neat feminine, you can wear Oh Wide leg pants with Chanel classic two-color shoes, cheap nike basketball shoes directly from the visual extension of your legs, a word: long!

Lok Fu shoes with wide leg pants senior and casual, giving a completely different feeling. Comfortable wild flat shoes, not only with a wide leg pants Oh, suit pants jeans are not words. This year's hot retro square shoes, good to go not to foot, Jianbu fly, that is you. Autumn and winter is coming, and finally can wear patent leather shoes do not cover your feet friends. Chic ribbon pink shoes, as you wide leg pants most faithful companion, a Jane simple, two complement each other. What can be compared to a pair of nike store invincible little white shoes? Even if the fall comes, wearing two months or not a problem.