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Home / News > In your autumn and winter fashion, how can we not have a pair of short boots?

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In your autumn and winter fashion, how can we not have a pair of short boots?

The reason why the boots by the majority of small fairies who love, because in the autumn and winter season ta not only cold warm, but also enhance the sense of fashion must-have item, a pair of simple boots, no matter how to wear, are absolutely stylish full Ah ~ as long as the little heel in the boots slightly changed, it becomes a different kind of fashion, because the alternative boots feel so that the whole look no longer so dull, get rid of the monotony of autumn and winter, with white tights and Black coat, intense color collision, more prominent temperament. Modern sense of full black boots, with a long knee overcoat, walking in the streets in late autumn, the wind is warm and without losing the fashion sense, short boots designed to protect the ankle from the invasion of the cold, is A good autumn and winter wear way out. Very British Van patent leather and turned leather stitching boots, with slits trousers, wear out a very casual feel, and will appear more slender calf, there will be a feeling of walking with the wind, unlike ordinary boots that have Feminine, but it feels cool enough it ~

Speaking of cool enough to have to mention Martin boots ~ Martin boots with a fit leather pants, cool handsome and significant body, there is a queen temperament, simple nikes on sale match, but enough to make your gas field fully open, aggressive! A pair of simple boots can have a nike trainers variety of ways, trousers Ye Hao, dresses worth mentioning, can wear different flavors, but no matter what kind of collocation, boots will not make people feel out of place, but can lining The overall mix is ??very stylish but not unexpected. Simple and elegant solid color style, pearl heel shoes embellishment, is the crowning touch of the shoes! So boring boots add a lot of vitality and mainly in the big winter, and others can not, too elegant, all stereotyped, aesthetic fatigue is self-evident retro wild Martin boots, a British Van a Shoes, leather material is more warm, in the autumn and winter to wear such a boots, with leather leather pants, not only warm and van locomotive, no longer lady, reducing the taste of the woman inside the pigskin, not only comfortable touching, Even more good perspiration performance, making the autumn and winter will not feel cold because of sweaty feet, inclusive design with wedges, wearing nike running shoes both looks tall and will not wear it feels very tired. In the monotonous autumn and winter colors, the design of stitching leather will give a glimpse of the feeling, because the shoes are made of different leather stitching made, so the more stringent in technology, the more need for the cheap nike running shoes patience and perseverance of artisans, making shoes resistant Wear and beautiful, each pair of shoes contain the painstaking workmanship.