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How to wear from the beginning of a pair of shoes, these shoes to help you in the workplace all-powerful

Into the workplace of you, is not that work to wear what is appropriate? Monotonous package skirt white shirt is too old and uninteresting, even if you want to work comfortable and fashionable, the most important thing is to reflect the workplace of women's ability and wisdom and self-confidence, the workplace wear the key or from a pair of shoes. Workplace women should wear what shoes to work? Xiaobian carefully selected several kinds of shoes can work to wear, filling the workplace of women's ability and gas field, with the reference can also be related. Wide leg pants, pipe pants, bell pants are the two very popular retro trend, with the retro with the tone of the high-heeled shoes, really fashion and retro both, while the pants of these gentle temperament and the workplace is very Anastomosis, pointed high heels is also a must for women in the workplace fashionable single product. Formal sense of strong dress in the workplace is also very good to wear, in line with the occasion and highlights the temperament, classic black and white is the most appropriate with the workplace color, with pointed high heels elegant yet a sense of elegance. Shirt with a skirt is also a model of fashionable wear style, pointed high heels, not to mention, and skirt is very fit

Suit suit has been regarded as the workplace elite elite standard, pure white suit is to highlight the elegant temperament, with black pointed heels both fashion Fan children, but also lose the workplace of women's self-confidence and capable, full of gas field. Suit with yarn dress this year in the fashion circle is also very popular, suit is not just the exclusive workplace, with a serious sense of the suit and mix cents full of yarn dress, let you ride in the workplace, the addition of a lot of feminine. Said to be high-heeled sandals, this year's most popular sandals was a tie shoes and a word with, with nine pants, a handsome and capable from the inside out, how can the workplace MM less support the scene, minutes But also you a calm and confident. Suit with a pencil skirt in the workplace is really commonplace, in order to dress out of the ordinary, you can choose with a lace edge pencil skirt, the overall shape will air max 90 not be so old, but a little more sexy, in addition nike free 5.0 to pencil skirt and more comfortable Umbrella skirt, with a shirt or a suit are very feminine, a pair of high-heeled sandals is by gas field.

Autumn is a long-sleeved T is really very wear, with a half-length umbrella skirt, sweet taste, and then put on a pair of high-heeled sandals, Fan children about it up, you can go directly to work friends. Oxford shoes are also a good partner in the workplace, Oxford shoe material and design are more British gas, is partial neutral wind, so with the professional equipment is also very capable, both the workplace female elite self-confidence and wisdom, And a little female students simple and playful, very young age. Oxford shoes with jeans is a little casual sense, simple white T fashion atmosphere, the overall shape is very neat, work to wear it comfortable and stylish, the key is very small fresh feeling Oh. Suits and windbreaker is also a single product often appear in the workplace, whether it is with pants or skirt, how many are a little range of children, plus the British full of Oxford shoes, the whole gas field is not the same, long legs sister So that certainly wear Yan Feng Qunfang. Boots in the late autumn of the year have a fire, especially the dark, fashion and very wild, late autumn weather gradually cold, a knit dress both warm and good-looking, with temperament boots, very prominent women's intellectual elegance The

Suit with no one with a single product will give a competent feeling, the gas field is nike factory store very strong, with a dress in the handsome with a fresh French style children, a pair of black boots embellishment, just balance the overall style, it is suitable for work wear. Now the suit is more and more tend to fashion, with short skirts shorts nike shox clearance are not uncommon, the workplace women can be so much to wear, retro checkered suit and fashion stripes suit, are highlighting the femininity of a single product, with black boots Is also very Fan children, a fashionable modern sense of blowing from the face.