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How to pick shoes in autumn and winter season? Look at these cheap nikes elements!

The recent sharp decline in temperature, the baby who put on a thick autumn, but also put away the summer sandals, ready to start buying some suitable for autumn and winter shoes. I believe most of the baby's requirements for the first shoe is the quality, followed by the upper body effect, and a pair of qualified good shoes must have the effect of elongated legs. Different body for different shoes, then Xiaobian for the baby to sum up the different body suitable for the shoes it! Good legs are slender straight, but many babies are X-type legs or O-type legs, because the legs slightly bent, so the vision has shortened the feeling of the legs in the selection of shoes, To cover the shortcomings of the legs are not straight. Babies can choose boots, preferably those hard, too soft material such as suede, but more obvious exposure defects. For the petite babies, how to show legs is a major issue. Petite baby who is not suitable for boots, a pair of boots can be modified body proportion. In the choice of boots, with a little rough with, will make the legs more beautiful nike factory store lines, and about 5cm height of the daily walk will not be too tired.

If the baby's legs are not particularly perfect, then cheap nike air max do not choose too much embellishment with the shoes, especially the tassel this elegant decoration, too much embellishment will increase the burden of tired. In general, the shoes with 1-2 design points is more appropriate to the extent of the. In addition to the selection of shoes suitable for their own body, in the overall mix also pay attention to the echo of color. If the color of the coat is relatively bright, it is necessary to depress the existence of shoes, a color with the best not more than three. Shoes with elastic design, the baby can be based on their own foot to adjust. Unique wool boots design unique, soft and delicate, it is suitable for autumn and winter wear, nike shoes for sale warm and stylish. It can be with jeans or skirts, are no sense of violation.

Boots are black and dark gray two colors, containing about 5cm within the increase, invisible elongated legs, to create a large leg of both view. It made a zipper opening design, easy to wear off, simple atmosphere of the version is very classic. Shoes, the tube is a cow suede material, soft and delicate touch, full texture. Inside to do intimate plus velvet design, even in the cold winter, but also warm the baby's feet. Stitching wool boots full of fashion sense, wool elasticity is very good, not easy to deformation. Boots stretch full, can accommodate a wide range of legs around the baby who can also turn the boots turned into another way to wear, a pair of shoes have different worn, both creative and cost-effective. Classic black was thin and good with the baby do not miss it! Shoes are PU material, full of flexibility, which made a velvet design, exquisite suture enough to see its good quality. High-quality soles both good friction, but also to ensure the comfort of walking.