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How to get your feet tipped in front of your tiptoe

Many people will have foot pain when wearing pointed shoes. What should we do in this situation? The following ladies' Xiaobian teaches you some tips:

Hair dryer softening

Can use the hair dryer to blow in the toe part, blow a few more minutes to stop, after repeated several times the head will become hot and soften, for the squeezed foot problem will have a mitigating effect.

Freezing expansion method

Put the sealed bag filled with water into the shoes, and then put it in the freezer. After the ice is taken out, the shoes will be loosened.

Small object isolation method

Putting a small sponge or a small piece of foam on the tip of your toes can relieve the pain of toe compression.

Old newspaper moist method

Pointed shoes may have feet that are too stiff for the front lining components. Therefore, dipping the old newspaper can soften it. The tip of the shoe will not squeeze your feet.

Steps: Prepare an old newspaper, knead it up, stick it with water, and don't get too wet, but try to get water in the whole group, then wrap a dry newspaper in a wet newspaper and stuff it in a crowded place. Then seal the shoes in a plastic bag and spend the night.

How to wear a pointed shoe

1. Tie the big toe and the two toes so that the squeezed feet can be resolved:

2. Use a hair dryer to stop for a few minutes in the toe part. After repeated several times, the toe cap will be softened, which can relieve the problem of pinching the foot.

3. Put the wet towel and shoe wedge into the shoe and stretch it. It will be more comfortable to wear.

4. Put the sealed bag filled with water into the shoes, put it into the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, and wait for the ice to come out. The shoes will be loose.

5. Put a small sponge or foam on the tip of nike factory store the toes to ease the pain of the toes being squeezed.

6. Hold the tip of the shoe before you wear it, making it a little looser and try to choose a soft fabric.

How to do with pointed shoes nike store do not follow the foot 1, clever use of ribbons to solve the shoes do not follow the foot

If it is not with the foot of the low-heeled shoes, we can take two shoes and the color of the shoes or similar to the foot of the ribbon from the soles of the shoes across the instep tied a bow, on the one hand can help us to fix the shoes is not easy to take off The feet, in addition, can also be used as a decoration for nike clearance the feet. It is important to note that the ribbons are taped with transparent tape or double-sided tape on the soles of the shoes to serve as a fixed ribbon. Oh!

2. Ask the shoemaker to help solve the problem

You can send the shoes to the shoe repair shop, ask the shoemaker to put a small shoe last on the heel edge of the shoe, and tie it to the ankle through a shoelace or ribbon matching the color of the shoes nike outlet from the shoe last, which can also help to fix the shoes. The role. It should be noted that the position of the shoe last must be chosen, not to abruptly take care of the comfort of the foot, so be sure to measure the position and ask the shoemaker for help.

3, cushion heel pad solution shoes do not follow the foot

Some high-end brands will launch some heel pads for the heel. The main purpose is to fill the excess space between the heel and the shoes, and increase the friction between the feet and the shoes to achieve the effect of the heel.