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Home / News > Foot width and fat men how to wear shoes thin and stylish?

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Foot width and fat men how to wear shoes thin and stylish?

Said to see men, first look at the shoes, but many people do not pay attention to the shoes with. On the handsome, handsome, romantic, but the shoes on the feet about to fight back to their original shape. In particular, some fat men, but also pay attention to the choice of shoes. After a moment of carelessness, you may become a "careless" people. So, the body fat, especially the fat feet of men, in the shoes to wear, how to choose? , There are two men often wear shoes, along with Xiaobian look down. Sneakers must be the flame of every man's heart. In recent years, blowing the retro wave, what will be back to our sneakers in the field of vision. The thing that fat men are particularly annoyed with is that, even wearing sneakers, the entire sole looks thick, thick and wide. What is the reason? That is, you did not pick a pair of coverings of sports shoes, do not believe it and then look down. Side jagged shoe sole design, not only beautiful and novel, there are highlights the role of the details of the side of the shoe, will be shifted to both sides of the line of sight, lebron james shoes visually tightening the width of the foot, the absolute fat foot width is not significant. In line with the custom foot shape of Asian shoes, even if you are chubby feet, you can wear very comfortable.

When selecting sports shoes, not only to consider the degree of comfort shoes, but also consider the choice of colors. All know that nike factory store black has a visually thin effect, then it should be applied to sports shoes. nike sale The same style of shoes, the proposed width of the meat at the same time more boys choose black Oh. Half palm cushion was arched design, so for fat men, stress area larger. Flying woven surface design, upper and impression technology blessing, the combination of a combination of postponement of sight, the effect of lengthening the surface of the foot, the black is not fat feet, very engaging. Light EVA outsole design, exercise or walking are very light, unfettered. The overall movement of the classic retro sneakers, wearing a street is absolutely eye-catching, stylish and stylish. Shoes are also often worn by men as a kind of shoes, shoes more formal, suitable for wear for interviews or meetings and so on. However, think about cheap nike basketball shoes it if it is a pair of fat feet, forced into the shoes, which for both, is a painful thing. So in the selection of shoes, foot fat men have to master the point.