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Fall shoes guide - wild most important

Dear I can understand your love of high heels, it is also significantly increased the dignity of the increase in temperament, as a woman can not refuse the temptation. But when driving, climbing, running time, even when traveling ... ... life always have some occasions you have to give up that a few centimeters heel, with a more light state to face. But there must be some occasions need high heel to pull up your gas field, so that anything can not be general about the prevalence of Peas shoes really is not a day two days, two years a year! Why kobe 11 so enduring, the reason is nothing more than comfortable, light, but as a small hand with a sense of early will be ready in advance, autumn and winter from the range of children's hair scoop shoes, lovely and eye-catching, fancy Soft and soft, with pants, skirts are excellent! You must be dignified and cautious as a prerequisite to prepare a pair of never wrong, comfortable boots is the most appropriate, whether it is professional skirt or suit pants, can wear a little bit of the feeling of the elite! Highly moderate, will not become the focus of the audience, but that can withstand the eyes of all search! Lace casual shoes is from 16 years old to today I have been like the style, then like it handsome neat, now like it simple nike sneakers and comfortable, before wearing it to school, now wearing it into the gym. - now you know why I chose the leather style. A pair of new high heels usually wear a quarter, but a pair of trivial casual shoes can accompany me for many years, absolutely faithful, hard working!

In fact, when still studying, I never wear any college style, when the wardrobe shoe cabinet is full of sports suits and shoes. But out of the campus now, but fell in love with its exquisite and neat, there is a restrained book angry, will often wear it, coupled with a ladies dress, experience a nike outlet good girl feeling! Every girl has a pair of favorite heart shoes, of course, it is not necessarily high heels, but the girls are always used to high heels into the adult logo. For this play nike discount store wearing a pair of fashion shoes, a pair of beautiful shoes is not just wearing a good look, highlight the temperament is the main point of the shoe! High heels styles, and unique to the end of the mouth with a shallow mouth single product the most women taste. Wearing a high heels of women, posture naturally tall and straight, compared to flat heels, the center of gravity on the move, the temperament has been significantly changed. Maca Long color is undoubtedly the next fall will be a single product, even the feet of the skin are modified white transparent, it is intoxicated.