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Do not wear high heels, how to cheap nike shoes be fairy

Each girl has a fairy dream, that kind of temperament leisurely and quiet appearance is very charming. And want to be a beautiful fairy, the first is to learn to wear high heels. High heels comes with a sense of elegance and girls stand on tiptoe is so charming, so today we recommend some high heels. Autumn and winter this year, the most likely to be a small white boots, and many stars and people have been on the feet have been through, and not a pair of really can be said to be out. This pair of small white boots kobe 11 with a square head and rough with, before and after the echo of the perfect show of the gas field and style boots, not too conspicuous, but full of fashion. Winter is absolutely not the lack of thick with ankle boots, in addition to good to take a good concave shape, the wild is all the girls will not refuse it the ultimate reason. This pair of boots are frosted and bright skin two, according to their own preferences, small series is more biased bright skin, because the wear will be more handsome.

Very classic Chelsea boots, full of British rejuvenation can be a air max 90 good embodiment of your temperament. Followed by the British style has always been simple style, this pair of boots almost no decoration, smooth lines and retro taste let you with what reveals a kind of aristocratic temperament. Very elegant an ankle boots, thin heel and elegant smooth ankle lines look very feminine, winter wear in the feet must be elegant and temperament. This pair of boots heel relatively high and fine, but very solid, so do not worry about tired feet do not go, even if the day of the street is also very comfortable. Very handsome pair of boots, this pair of boots is used with the rough design, absolutely good walking tired feet, even if the first time wearing high nike shop heels sister can easily control. Round head soles round and smooth, highlights a trace of women's soft; ankle at the metal buckle is to highlight its handsome and stylish style. Shoes look at the first time that is very fashionable, the upper is made of leather and suede stitching, two kinds of material impact under the fashion sense is very strong. Shoes are dark blue, there will be a kind of deep sea out of the quiet sense, very nice.