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Concave shape also comfortable! Street shot new favorite peas shoes

Hot summer is coming soon, a pair of tired shoes is very important. Wear tired of the hot shoes, want to change the two good and comfortable shoes? This time to double Peas shoes on the right, it will be your feet from the "sauna" to save out, a pedal convenient to wear experience is not tired feet, driving or shopping when you wear it, improve combat effectiveness, of. Peas shoes not only good to wear, with a simple ride is easy, whether it is college wind or yuppie Fan children, leisurely and lazy with the sex has become the biggest style with its leading. Master the simple with the rules, then add some personal characteristics, Peas shoes can become the new favorite street street. A pedal design wear easy to meet the daily wear needs. Vamp selection of leather material, more wear-resistant wear, clear texture shiny fashion beautiful. Shoes on both sides of the elastic band design, easy to wear for the lazy design. Breathable and comfortable inside the care of both feet, non-slip wear soles, comfortable and safe walking.

Classic style and bow tie, as decorative embellishment on the upper, nike air max creating a fresh summer street fashion. Uppers with soft leather, making the overall profile to be a nike factory outlet perfect show, with superior permeability heat dissipation. Inside the use of leather insole refreshing breathable, rubber outsole good softness and cushioning, reduce the burden of wearing comfortable feet. Modeling retro fashion, vamps with a combination of leather to do the old processing, interpretation of retro fashion sense. Exquisite tassel embellishment combined with exquisite Bullock carved, showing the elegant British style, pig skin inside the delicate texture, soft and breathable. Disu large end of the natural buffer decompression, reduce foot heel injury. Uppers with matte leather breathable performance, wearing a soft and comfortable, light silky let you experience a flexible foot feeling. Followed by rubber extension design, driving the brakes to prevent the heel friction damage, comfortable and durable. British wind Qiao color red and white ribbon, bright personality to make shoes more Qiao Qiao. Calm blue, set off the tide-type charm temperament. Lychee pattern leather upper, black and white nikes soft and comfortable to wear. Elastic stretch design, fit the foot elasticity of the free scheduling, the upper metal buckle embellishment, the details of rich fashion sense, soft fit foot design, follow the footsteps of comfortable leisure. Very personality of the Peas shoes, the first layer of leather upper leather flexible and flexible, toe color to do the old design, color and shiny rich to the upper art more Fan. Exquisite carved details rich overall fashion, exquisite hand suture, split the body structure of the proportion of three-dimensional full.