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Comfortable and stylish 3cm low heels

Buying the wrong shoes is a pain for many women. Too high with the uncomfortable, too low and wear no high heels so temperament. There is no need to worry about this year. ~ The fashion circle has finally begun to think about the question of how to wear it is comfortable and stylish. The moment of liberating your feet was amazing and comfortable with this type of shoes. The 3cm height is just right, and the pointed design can show longer legs. We also like to call it "cats and heels", because the effect is very elegant on the upper leg, show field street shooting is also everywhere in its shadow ~ basic models are also classic models, simple and generous, will never be out of date. It is relatively simple to match, pants, skirts can take. Going to work, commuting or as a training shoe in the field of high heels, it is a great choice

Want to enhance the texture of the overall mix is ??not as good as try the metal color low-heeled shoes design prints, bows, blingbling and other decorations more feminine more spring nike air max and summer ~ proper exposure of the foot skin can have significant leg length effect, straps behind the heel Can also be better modified ankle lines. This pair of shoes also has the charm and elegance of a small woman, but also a little sexy ~ it can completely replace the general position of high heels

We all know that the pointed shoes have the magical effect of modifying the leg lines. Together with the help of the V-shaped shoes, we dare to ask you to come up with such a pair of V-head pointed low-heeled shoes. Who can have your legs in spring and summer? ? One of the most retro black and white atmosphere, with wide leg pants, graceful; with shorts, second long legs ~ ankle nike air max sale boots + pointed + low-heeled shoes, these three elements together, the funky index is a leap. You want elegant, retro or handsome, capable, all who can say spring and summer can not wear boots, look good fashion regardless of the season, is so wayward - finally give everyone a small new nike shoes knowledge of science, whether it is high heaven, or ultra-flat The flat shoes will hurt the feet. Instead, nike shop the 2 and 3cm shoes can make the foot stand more stable and healthy oh ~ see so many good-looking low-heeled shoes style