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Casual shoes how to choose Wild and comfortable summer casual shoes

Summer is an outbreak of foot disease, so pay special attention to protecting your feet.

Experts say that a high temperature can not only open the pores of people's nike store sweat, but also increase the amount of sweat that people have. This creates an environment conducive to fungal reproduction and inflames the feet. For example, athlete's foot is a kind of foot disease that easily breaks out in a warm environment.

Lady casual shoes pictures

In the summer, people's feet usually have some swelling. Therefore, people will feel that the cheap nike shoes shoes that are quite suitable are now wearing tight. The tightness of the shoes puts pressure on many bones and joints in the foot. Nearly 1/4 of the body's body is in the foot.

The swelling of the foot caused by the increase in the outside temperature can put pressure on these joints and produce a sore feeling. These pressures, in turn, in turn further exacerbate the original foot disorders such as phalange deformities and thumb cysts. Because these deformed bones and joints have no more room to move, external pressure can make the pain worse.

In order to prevent the foot from having the above problems in the summer, experts suggest that often the feet are barefooted and exposed to fresh air and sunlight, which is beneficial to the circulation and evaporation of the sweat in the foot and prevent the reproduction of the fungus.

Summer ladies casual shoes how to pick

1, do not wear too tight shoes, as far as possible to penetrate the thin cotton socks with good air, nike trainers should continue to wash their feet every day, in addition, often changing shoes is also very important.

2, cool open toe sandals should be careful, the office is often cold, too cool nike outlet store sandals easy to make cold from the feet, the girls are most afraid of cold, not only easy to diarrhea, big aunt that will be on the body for a few days not good. Therefore, sandals are still worn less.

3, when it comes to the most wild or casual shoes, with pants become spiritual. With skirts become playful and cute. However, casual shoes are not as cool as sandals. You can't get bored in summer. It is necessary to pick a pair of breathable shoes. How casual shoes are more breathable? Then make a fuss from the sole. There are many holes in the soles of some casual shoes. Each step can produce windy feet. However, everyone may have doubts. If there is a pond on the ground, will the water be drilled into the shoes from the hole? The answer is of course not. There is also a patented waterproof membrane on the soles of shoes. This layer of waterproof membrane will only allow sweat vapor to pass through, while the relatively large molecules of liquid water molecules will not wear waterproof membranes. This will make it waterproof. Breathable one step in place.

4, sweating more in the summer, stuffy with airtight on the foot is not good, sweating air conditioning is also particularly easy to catch cold, so we must choose the breathable casual shoes, wear beautiful and healthy.