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Home / News > Achilles tendon inflammation after nike discount store running leg pain is the problem of shoes

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Achilles tendon inflammation after nike discount store running leg pain is the problem of shoes

Many runners have had the experience of running calf pain, can be divided into two categories

1. Partial lack of training caused by calf muscle strain.

2. Because of high bow and lower limb softness caused by lack of Achilles tendonitis.

But the scholar study found that, in fact, both in the mechanical analysis, found that the real problem may not be your problem? Is the problem of shoes !!

A. heel height difference class 1. The problem is that the current shoe design has a heel height difference, so in the standing state, in fact, mechanically, the human body is showing the state of micro-pad toes, so the calf muscles and Tendons are in a state of tension, lack of training runners, or often wear high heels of women, it will cause sports injuries.

B. heel cover and running shoes focus on the cover, so heel package design will be a little necking, the package to the lower edge of the ankle, may be forced to heel Achilles tendon movements. The higher the heel of shoes, the higher heel (the higher the heel), it will make a problem more obvious.

C. foot support less than the structure of the lower leg of the main function is to lift the heel, the entire foot floor of the action efficiency, it involves the stability of the arch, and the arch we all know that can be roughly divided into high, medium and low High foot elasticity is the best, but the relative foot of the tension is also the largest. So moderate support can share the tension to lift the heel, but when the lack of support, it will let the Achilles tendon pressure also increased. But long-term dependence on shoes to provide foot support will weaken the ability of the arch.

B coach point of view: moderate barefoot training is the necessary nike shoes sale course to run the athletes, foot muscle and landing action will be improved, the action efficiency will follow the upgrade. But see this side, will find the article mentioned the focus of the shoe forward design to help improve the running efficiency, but also improve the Achilles tendon pressure, arch support can share the foot tension, but also weaken the plantar muscle force. So shoes and shoes do not have nike store advantages and disadvantages.

B coach contact barefoot theory has been a long time, he is also the implementer, small iron man training first barefoot running warm-up, contact Vivobarefoot barefoot shoes after the discovery is the best choice when training, provide foot protection young will have Too much support, zero difference between the heel to the leg Achilles tendon are easy. Want to get started barefoot, or want to get rid of shoes tied to the advanced runners should try. As for the sprint, cheap nike basketball shoes of course, still wearing running shoes it.