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Home / News > 4 outdoor shoes selection skills help you choose comfortable and affordable casual shoes

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4 outdoor shoes selection skills help you choose comfortable and affordable casual shoes

Leisure is a kind of living condition pursued by modern people. It is a way of life and a special manifestation of modern culture in modern life. Leisure is often turned into black nike shoes a fashion nike factory store symbol in contemporary people's lives, covering all aspects of life, such as walking, sports, fitness, travel, and shopping. To please themselves and enjoy a colorful life, leisure has become an indispensable indicator of life and quality of life that modern people pursue.

The concept, connotation and function of casual shoes are closely related to this new life ideal and method. People use the shape, brand, and connotation of casual shoes to decorate themselves and display themselves, and to obtain a kind of aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spiritual satisfaction. From the use point of view, casual shoes should have both practical and nike free aesthetic basic functions. The lack of which will seriously affect the use of casual shoes. Practical functions are the premise of the existence of casual shoes. Aesthetic and symbolic functions are important extensions of casual shoes. Features.

Outdoor Casual Shoes Selection Point 1: Confirmation Type

General outdoor shoes (except special-purpose professional shoes) can be roughly divided into four categories: Alpine shoes are mainly used for mountaineering activities, adapt to hard rock face and ice-snow rock mixed terrain; crossing shoes are mainly used for long-distance complexity Terrain traversing activities and low altitude climbing; walking shoes for short distances and relatively shallow outdoor trekking; sports shoes for everyday wear and non-weight sports. Choose the shoes you need, do not wear a pair of casual shoes to go mountain climbing, that will only make your journey very tired.

Outdoor leisure shoes purchase points 2: price determines the value

Although the price-determining value statement on a certain level does not conform to the laws of the Chinese market, in the authentic outdoor shoe market, the price often determines the value of shoes, so when buying shoes, do not expect to spend very little The money buys good shoes. Of course, this is not "not for the best, but the most expensive," but to choose a pair of high quality outdoor shoes according to their use.

Outdoor shoes selection point three: performance is the king

The so-called treacherous wading in the outdoors, that is, the unavoidable situation of wading into the water, the influx of shoes into the water or long-term hikers' walking to nike shoes sale make the sweat of the feet soaked into the shoes is a hard thing to do and seriously affects the mood of the traveler. So we must choose outdoor shoes with waterproof and perspiration properties.

Outdoor leisure shoes purchase point four: details are very important

Select outdoor shoes, some details of the failure, can destroy a pair of high-end outdoor shoes. For example, it is obviously a high-performance waterproof shoe. The shoes are well-designed, but the shoelace or the upper is not waterproof. After the outdoor shoes meet water, the upper first gets wet and then gradually penetrates into the shoes during the exercise. This is directly The lack of durability of the waterproof function of the shoes.