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  • Flat shoes how to match more color?

    Flat shoes are essential for women's hands, is one of the essential items for girls, but different styles of flat shoes with different methods is not the same, as long as the color with the right, flat shoes is still very nikes on sale appealing. Today Xiao Bian will take you to see how flat shoes match, flat shoes can wear feminine. Bow flat shoes is a simple and versatile style, elegant atmosphere, sexy charm of the toe, you can perfect the foot-shaped fashion, nike running shoes with beautiful colors, absolutely dazzling steal the glasses, fat MM do not have to worry about shoes Lean, do not have to worry about shoes, free will is so wayward! This pair of flat shoes is definitely a charm nike air max color, generally applicable to the Department of collocation, this dress with always allows girls to have a very dusty temperament. This pair of flat-bottomed shoes has a charming cheap nike running shoes sense of luxury, with this body coat tops, more prominent underfoot charm! The goddess section has passed, and the gorgeous pair of shoes makes her gait more attractive!

    Dotted flats, single shoes, can be worn through the hip long tops and below the feet. Because the shoes are matte, you can consider a little more casual clothes. The market share of round-bottom flat-bottom shoes is far less popular than the pointed-toe shoes, but the round-headed women's shoes can show a sweet and elegant clean air, and the round-toed shoes with jeans, feet pants, straight-leg pants and dresses can be just right.

    2018-05-25 10:09:55
  • Gas field is not enough shoes to join! A pair of beautiful shoes play Queen Fan

    We often say that one's aura is the best one to hold the audience. Especially for women in the workplace, having a strong gas field is a magic weapon! Gas field is not enough to use the shoes to scrape together, want to change the gas field queen? This pair of shoes can not be missed! Pointy-headed high-heeled high-heeled leopard-printed elements are very capable of displaying femininity and intellectual charm. They are applied to the vamps and come with fine high-heeled elements as a cut-out design. They wear a full-fledged queen aura. Add a touch of unique feminine charm to simplicity. Individual strappy cats and heels Shoes that are decorated with cats and elements are not only visually distinctive, but are also very comfortable to wear. The use of rhinestones for embellishment on the basis of the ornamentation of the strapping elements has added a strong atmosphere to the whole. Comfort flat shoes want to highlight the Queen's aura is not only the help of high-heeled shoes, with flat-bottomed version of the single shoes as a decoration, but also the full gas field. In the upper with a metal square buckle as a decoration, the display of the heavy metal cheap nike shoes fashion charm incisively and vividly brings the charm of street punk fashion.

    Personality shallow mouth shoes selected high-quality leather fabric cut from the single shoes, wear is very comfortable and will not feel tired feet. The use of banding elements to decorate the atmosphere highlights the perfection of personality charm and layering. It is even more fashionable to wear it, and penetrates the sleek charm of street photography. The square head character shoes are thick with the elements and the square-head type is embellished, and it is obvious that the charm of the retro fashion is prominent. With rivet elements as a decorative design, adding cheap nike running shoes a heavy metal fashion flavor in the simple, wear it is full of personality and full of nike outlet trend atmosphere. Cut off the cowhide fabric and it cheap nike basketball shoes is comfortable to wear. Shallow mouth high heels pure color version to be embellished, it seems to have more intellectual charm. The use of buckle elements as decoration adds rich layering and contouring. The metal elements are decorated to add a strong heavy metal flavor to the simplicity, and it is even more fashionable to wear.

    2018-05-23 10:10:13
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